Innate Strategies ... simplifying your complex world

"Extremely intelligent, strategic, and trustworthy"
- John Dukellis, CEO StepNexus, Inc.

"The most powerful and effective leadership offsite of my career"
- Erle Nye, CEO, TXU

"Scott is the best strategy consultant I've ever met. I formerly worked at McKinsey & Company doing corporate strategy, and subsequently worked with most of the top tier consulting firms as a private equity investor and now as a hedge fund manager. In all of my experiences with the best in the fields, Scott Spann stands out as a singular exception for having the ability to not only identify the core issues facing a client and develop a clear strategy to address those issues, but also formulate that strategy within the broader context of social, environmental, and cultural dimensions that are required to really make a strategy work. He has the highest professional and ethical standards. To work with Scott is to have the opportunity to grow as a person."
- Ray Conley, Partner, Palo Alto Investors, LLC

"I worked with Scott during a time of significant and holistic transformation of a $25B high technology business. Scott's in-depth understanding of strategy, organizational dynamics and what it takes to drive sustainable business success is outstanding. And, when you couple that with his amazing ability to put the business strategy into a context that brings the people of the organization into the center of the development and implementation of the strategy, the outcome is that it drives results quicker and more effectively than anything I've experienced before. Working with someone with Scott's expertise along with his high integrity, willingness to challenge the management team to rise to it's highest potential, along with his wonderful personality was truly a joy."
- Mary E. Peery, Senior Vice President Hewlett Packard, IPG

"I think that among the most important jobs of a business leader is to make sound judgments regarding strategic priorities and allocation of resources. Regrettably, most of these judgments are made without practical, accurate understanding of the real leverage points for change in any given business system. Scott's work makes interdependencies and leverage points visible and causes these great results - inspiring insight; reduced risk; better, more confident decisions; a method for explaining big decisions. It is only through Scott that "system thinking" came alive for me and for our clients. It is no longer a slippery concept and has become real through his thinking and his tools. For me, he provides safer, smarter, more confident judgments that fuel the agile execution of strategy. Thank you, Scott, for that."
- Mickey Connolly, CEO, Conversant & author, The Communication Catalyst

"Literally, an unbelievable ability to simplify, clarify and make actionable the complexity of our business"
- David Taylor, Chief of Staff, HP Global PC Notebook Supply Chain

"Scott Spann has a unique and uncanny ability to help executives articulate business strategies and plans. It is as if he reaches down into their minds and hearts to help these executives extract the essence of their expertise to address current critical business challenges."
- Frank Rogers-Witte, Director, HP IPG Executive Staff Effectiveness

Scott Spann is a systems thinker and problem solver…. Scott was an incredibly positive force in Midwest energy politics and policy, helping the REAMP collaboration of NGOs and funders at its most critical juncture--the formative year. Through his efforts, REAMP players thought deeply about the system of electric industry and clean energy advocacy…. Scott [built] a dynamic systems model that every NGO player accepted as "the way things work". He helped NGOs see how to push on the system to effect change--and since then, our influence and efficacy has dramatically increased.

Since that time, REAMP has built a chaordic network of NGOs that have dramatically changed the power relations and changed the debate on energy independence and global warming solutions. Many new resources in philanthropy have come to the Midwest as a result, and high transparency and high trust has characterized the REAMP network's efforts.
- Michael Noble, Executive Director, Fresh Energy

I don't believe more of the same will result in different outcomes... Scott Spann is a very interesting and gifted consultant who specializes in working with diverse community groups on "wicked problems"--messy, circular and aggressive issues. He has been successful in helping groups with seemingly different objectives and approaches find common ground to enable [them] to work together in new ways. Scott's efforts created the necessary break-though for REAMP to really take off. Prior to his involvement, great well-intended folks were so wedded to their own agenda we couldn't effectively move forward boldly to game-changing strategies.
- Becky Erdahl, Executive Director, Carolyn Foundation